Raindrop Therapy (Health)

RAINDROP THERAPY with essential oils ©

Duration: 1 hour / Price: 40 euros

The Rain Drop Therapy is a very nice therapy that works at a very subtle level with the frequencies of pure essential oils. It is suitable for each individual, but designed at the outset for patients with back problems.

It is advisable in case of:

✔️ Depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress
✔️ Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
✔️ Back, neck and leg pain
✔️ General weakness
✔️ Acidosis, excess toxins …

In the way I do it, therapy could be divided into several parts:

✔️ Making  energetic contact with the patient and technique of reflexology vitaflex in the feet, with the oils. Followed by a gentle massage feet and legs.
✔️ Technique of raindrop on the back: oils are used pure, and fall like raindrops on the spine, and to the sides. It is accompanied by  caresses to favor the exchange of electrical information between the oils and your physical body.
✔️ Back Massage
✔️ Conclusion of the therapy with Universal Energy transmission through imposition of hands to further enhance the effect of oils.

The Raindrop Therapy uses pure essential oils, to  balance the spinal column through massages of the Vitaflex areas of the feet, back and neck.
This energizing technique has been used for years to balance and rejuvenate the body-mind. Inspired by the tradition of the Lakota Indians, the technique of rain was developed with essential oils.
This technique that uses Aromatherapy with the reflexology technique Vitaflex, leads to a structural and electrical alignment. Rain Drop Therapy helps cleanse your energy centers, and increase the frequency of your physical body … In many cases, viruses and bacteria sleep in our spine, oils with their healing properties will help neutralize them.

When oils are applied correctly on the neck, feet and back, this technique allows to achieve the electrical alignment and helps to relieve the ailments caused by imbalances in the body, especially those of the spine.

When you combine electrical frequencies, body intelligence and essential oils, a very powerful healing process begins.