NPL – Neuro-Linguistic Programming 


In the term Neuro-linguistic Programming, we find three words:

✔️Programming: from our birth, we recorded a lot of information, numerous “programs” that are the result of our experiences. These programs will make us “see” and “understand” life in a different way from another person.

✔️Neurological: our experiences and our perceptions make up our neurological system which in turn gives rise to our behaviors.

✔️Linguistic: verbal or non-verbal language that allows us to communicate with others and convey our experiences.

Neurolinguistic Programming is a communication model that gives an explanation of human behavior.

NLP and its techniques will allow you to:

✔️ Understand how your mind works and the reason  behind your limitations, fears, repetition of emotional patterns,

✔️ Achieve goals in different fields of your life

✔️ Communicate better verbally or nonverbally

✔️ Learn more about your learning processes.

At the level of our emotional life, NLP shows us what internal strategies / programs we follow to be sad, cheerful, depressed, euphoric, motivated. Knowing these strategies, we can manage our emotional states much more effectively, and modify / change / cancel some programs that no longer serve us.

With NLP, we will also understand why the perception of reality is not the same for everyone: each one creates its MAP, its reality, in function of all these programs that has been accumulating through their experiences. Our mental map influences our daily lives and our way of shaping our lives and relationships. NLP teaches us to know our mental map and to modify it according to our objectives.

With this effective tool you will be able to understand your own mind to change the way you see things, it also teaches you the steps to follow to achieve excellence according to your own criteria.

In short, with NLP you will learn how to reprogram your subconscious in order to give your life a very “positive” turn. With NLP you are not only going to change your thinking patterns by making them positive, but you will also improve emotional patterns and as a consequence your attitude towards life and others.

What benefits can you find in NLP?

1.- Communication

Through NLP techniques you will improve your way of communicating, verbally and non-verbally.

2.- The way you process the information

There are several ways of learning, that is, some we retain more information visually, others are facilitated in an auditory way and lastly, we can remember using  sensations.

With NLP techniques, discover how you learn.

3.- Learn the technique of anchoring

Among NLP techniques, one is called “the anchor”. Most people need to overcome limitations, stress, fears and doubts. Through the technique of anchoring “positive thoughts”, we will overcome what stops us and prevents us from being happy. We will connect through the anchoring of a “positive” feeling (that this word is only a concept, since it is very relative) that we have experienced in a specific situation of the past. This feeling will transmit the energy we need to overcome the current situation.

4.- Use time in your favor

One of the best NLP techniques will teach you the power of the mind to build the desired future and that the “best” memories predominate over the “bad” ones.

5.- Work on your belief system

Our system of beliefs and ideas is based on our past experiences and the education we received during childhood.

However, not all our beliefs benefit us. NLP teaches us to recognize which ones we use to achieve our goals (personal, professional, spiritual etc) and tell us which are necessary to discard.

NLP has as its basic principle “We are what we believe”.


It is very important how we interpret our reality and organize information: the senses, language, time, words, memories, beliefs …