Finca Qorichaska (meaning ‘Golden Star’ in the ancient Incan Quechua language) is a charming place at the base of mount El Ponoch, in Polop de la Marina (Alicante). The site, free of pesticides and chemicals, has its own organic orchard with various types of fruit trees, a natural pool and great views of the typical Guadalest Valley landscapes. Throughout the year, the site’s location enables you to enjoy both sea and mountains in a pleasant climate.

The pure and high frequency energies of the eco-farm and the permanent connection with nature and animal life offer an ideal environment for wellbeing therapies, eco-psychology and bio-intelligent activities “Creativity-Nature-Animals“.

According to research in eco-psychology, the lack of contact with nature can be a cause of symptoms such as hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, depression, obesity, etc., issues that are increasingly affecting the younger generations.


“The good news” says Belen Serrano Martin, an eco-psychologist and team member at Finca Qorichaska, “is that by restoring the relationship with nature, of which we are an inseparable part, children, teenagers and adults alike can reconnect with harmony, balance, vitality and happiness, experiences that we all deserve as living beings. “


At Finca Qorichaska, we reconnect with the outer nature and with our inner nature, and learn to physically, emotionally and mentally heal ourselves through eco-psychological activities.

Eco-philosopher Joana Macy reminds us that “Western psychology has ignored our relationship with the natural world.  Our connection to the source of life is not part of its definition of mental health nor does its list of pathologies include the destruction of living systems.”