Creativity manifests itself in many aspects of our lives, not only through drawing or painting.
By encouraging Open Creativity at Finca Qorichaska we give ourselves the opportunity to recognise our creative gifts and talents!

We invite you to experience the following activities:

✅Organic art

✅Intuitive painting


✅Theatrical improvisation

✅Circus and acrobatics

✅Free dance and body language

✅Art therapy

✅Music and chants

✅Dances of the world


✅Creation of stories

✅Working with mud, wood …


The development of creativity in us allows us to feel free to express ourselves as unique and original beings – exploring new possibilities.

Expanding our creativity enhances our ability to find solutions to problems that may arise in our lives. It will also help us to be more flexible when adapting to new circumstances, even challenging ones.

The researchers conclude that the way a person feels affects their creativity. When we are in touch with our inner creativity, we are more able to express our emotions and deal with real situations. We can then take steps towards transmutation and a new state of equilibrium.

The originality of our creations is the fruit of a deep motivation. This motivation opens the door to our imagination and inspiration, without the constraints of logic or rules. All the individuals strengths are mobilized and a spark emerges…the idea itself!!….which will make this work a unique reflection of this moment.