Connection with Animals

At Finca Qorichaska, we offer you the possibility of connecting with our animals: two mares, Ayla and Luna, a cat and dogs. We are convinced of the benefits our activities and therapies with animals can bring you and together with our friends, we will accompany you to bring you closer to your own inner balance.

We are offering:

– Wellbeing Coaching with Horses

– Workshops “My first encounter with a horse” for children and adults (family activity)

– Assisted Therapy with Dogs

The advantages of activities and contact with animals are numerous on physical, emotional and psychological levels alike. In addition, they offer a very positive motivating and socializing element for both children and adults.

Our activities with animals range from therapeutic exercises to play, recreation and taking care of the animal. We will take your interests and preferences into account as to the type of activity to be carried out, in accordance with the objectives established together with our multidisciplinary team.

Our animals and companions will help us guide you towards better physical and emotional well-being by fostering feelings of love, happiness, harmony and vitality.


What are the benefits of activities and therapies with animals?

On a psychological and cognitive level, they help:

✅Improve self-esteem and concept of self

✅Improve self-control of emotions

✅Strengthen the feeling of normality

✅Improve self-confidence

✅Bring emotions and mood into balance

✅Reduce the level of stress, anxiety, fears

✅Improve attention span and concentration

✅Improve memory


A first encounter with a horse is a unique experience. We invite you to try it, it could change your life. We are waiting for you at Finca Qorichaska!