Wellbeing Coaching with Horses


Duration: 1h / Price: 40 euros

Do you want to improve your Well-being?

Do you have a “super active” child?

Are you a teenager and looking for answers about yourself?

We invite you to try our Wellbeing Coaching sessions  with horses.

Horses can guide and accompany you in your personal growth,  towards more joy and balance in your life.

These noble animals do not judge, or criticize, they simply enter into empathy with your present state and reflect it in their attitudes. If you approach one of our mares, and you are very nervous ,they may reject your energy. If you are discouraged, depressed, they may come and touch your heart chakra, or your shoulder. Who knows? Each encounter is a gift  if we decide to interpret what the horses transmit  to us and listen to them.

We advise you to try a Wellness Coaching session in case of:

✔️ Depression

✔️ Anxiety and fears

✔️ Stress and nervousness

✔️ Lack of self-esteem or low self image

✔️ Hyperactivity

✔️ Apathy

✔️ Emotional disorders

✔️ Conflicting family situations

✔️ Lack of socialization skills, communication etc etc etc

Horses are experts at capturing the energy level and emotions; their survival in fact has depended on it. During the Wellbeing Coaching sessions with horses, clients experience endless emotions. These emotions are reflected in their body and are, in turn, captured by the horses.

In Wellbeing Coaching, you will decide what you want to ‘work on’ and I will ask you questions to guide you toward these answers you have within you. We will invite the mares to help us in this quest, we can even ask them to play a role of your choice.We will ask permission, and can tap into the energy of the person you have chosen or an emotional pattern of yours that you want to transform.

The answers that come to you through the attitudes, behaviors, gestures of our mares Luna and Ayla are impressive. Also the way they interact will give you clues and information.

The horse, as a mirror of our mood and emotional state, guides us on the path to well-being and to a better knowledge of oneself.

 The horse asks us questions:

Am I a good leader?

 Do I convey confidence and security to the horse?

Am I able to make clear and accurate decisions?

Am I relaxed? Do I feel sad or depressed?

Through the encounters with our mares, as you become more aware of your emotional patterns, mood, fears or doubts, you can transform them and move closer to freedom, to “ INNER  PEACE”.